05 December 2023,   02:06
Attack in Vedzisi - Wounded rugby players find it difficult to name motives

The motive of the bloody attack in Vedzisi and the culprits are unknown. Until now nobody has been detained.

No one from the 5 wounded can say who was in the black car and who fired 20 times. Lasha Sajaia, who was hit with 6 bullets,his brother and two other wounded friends still remain in hospital.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not specify whether the weapon or vehicle owners used during the attack have been identified.

It is known that in Ossetia Street, 20 shots were conducted from three different guns. The father of the wounded says that 4 men in a black jeep stopped the car for a few seconds and opened fire on youth.

According to the father, neither his children nor their friends had any confrontation with anyone. Nothing happened before the attack.