23 January 2022,   12:55
Archil Tatunashvili"s murder - family will get acquinted with case materials

The father of Archil Tutunashvili, who was killed in the occupied Tskhinvali region, is expected at Mtskheta District Prosecutor"s Office today.

Givi Tatunashvili has a status of victim and today he will get familiarize with case materials.

The family members of Archil Tutunashvili killed by the occupants will inform the Prosecutor"s Office on the family versions of the murder.

According to the "Courieri", the body of the killed Tatunashvili was transferred by occupants to the Georgian authorities without internal organs, including heart and brain.

The confidential source tells us that this fact was discovered by the experts of the Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau on the night the body was transferred.

"More than three weeks have passed since the expertise and there is no answer, while the Samkharauli Expertise Bureau spoke about the conclusion in two weeks. I addressed the Chief Prosecutor"s Office and requested information about the investigation. After the prosecutor"s office contacted Archil Tatunashvili"s father, Giorgi Tatunashvili and we are summoned to get acquinted with the case materials, "-Tamar Avaliani, deputy executive director of the NGO Human Rights Center said.