17 January 2022,   15:46
International Monetary Fund supports the economic policy of the Government of Georgia - Kumsishvili

The Government of Georgia summed up the one-year work of the newly expanded financing program along with the Monetary Fund"s mission.

Government officials positively evaluate cooperation with the Fund and say that macroeconomic indicators are enhanced. The members of the government hope that at the end of this program the economic situation in the country will be much better.

"The 4-point plan of the government is aimed at utilizing the maximum efficiency of human resources, supporting the private sector as the main driver of economic growth, a rapid development of infrastructure and provision of efficient services to the population," Minister of Economy Dimitri Kumsishvili said.

A representative of the International Monetary Fund speaks about the fulfilment of the plan for 2017. According to her, the increased financing will be allocated to Georgia.