30 November 2023,   22:34
National Bank imposes regulations for commercial banks

The National Bank imposes regulations for commercial banks. The issuing of loans is restricted and it will happen after the banks will carry out a full analysis of the payment ability.

For example, if a citizen wants to buy a flat, the bank will not be able to pay more than 50% of the amount until he does not find out if he has the possibility to pay a monthly interest.

In the civil sector, the regulations are prepared for microfinance organizations, as banks are already checking the client"s financial position.

"These changes will make it more difficult to receive loans for self-employed peoplesuch as nannies, taxi drivers, tutors or prophylactic craftsmen who have real income, but it is often difficult to confirm. Until now, the bank certainly learned the financial incomes and credit history of these people, but it was easier to approve the installment loans, "said Giorgi Kepuladze, chairman of the non-governmental organization" Society and Bank ".

Part of experts speak of the danger of losing competition among banks.