28 November 2023,   14:39
Problems with regard to the expression of the free will of voters still remains a challenge, - Sulkhan Saladze

 "Problems with regard to the expression of the free will of the electorate still remain important challenges," Sulkhan Saladze said in connection with the interim elections in Vani and Khoni. The chairperson of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association talked at the briefing about the problems, which, as he said, had place yesterday. "The main problem that we have in regard to these elections is that we believe that this is the introduction of additional voters in the list for the tranportable ballot box. The number of voters in the list has increased by 3% which is 300 votes. Problems with regard to the expression of the free will of the voters still remain a significant challenge. Here, first of all, we mean the fact that at the polling stations the presence of the so-called coordinators was still observed. Coordinators provide certain information to the election headquarters and, of course, in such circumstances it is still a challenge. The problem is also that there is no record in the election code yet what is considered as a neighboring territory. Also, we should underline the fact that in some cases the presence of central and local government representatives in the polling stations meant indirectly affecting the free will of voters, "- said Sulkhan Saladze, the chairman of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association. According to the CEC preliminary data, Givi Chichinadze, majoritarian candidate of "Georgian Dream" received 57..86% of votes and Gigi Ugulava, member of "European Georgia" -38.38%. There is no need to conduct a second round according to these data.