28 November 2023,   13:51
Protest rallies resume in Yerevan - Nicola Pashinian`s supporters gathered for march of disobedience

After a two-day pause, protest rallies were resumed in Yerevan. Nikola Pashinian`s supporters gathered for conducting the march of disobedience and are now marching in the streets of the capital.

The supporters of the opposition are preparing for a multi-million demonstration for the evening. The opposition leader is meeting with the representatives of the ruling party at this moment.

According to Nicola Pashinian, "People"s Movement" will continue until the ruling does not support his candidacy for the post of prime minister. The Republican Party has already announced that it will not nominate a candidate for the upcoming elections. However, it did not support the candidacy of Pashinian.

Elections are scheduled for May 1 in the parliament. All parliamentary parties supported Nicola Pashinian`s candidacy. At present, the main ideologist of the Velvet Revolution is the only candidate for the prime minister.