28 January 2022,   23:05
Omudsman criticizes healthcare regulatory agency"s work - Sergeenko disagrees with criticism

The Public Defender criticizes the Regulatory Agency of the Ministry of Health.

Nino Lomjaria says that complaints, which are filed in the agency, are not investigated and even the licenses of the doctors who are blamed in alleged medical errors are not stopped.

The health minister does not agree with the ombudsman"s criticism.

According to Davit Sergeenko, every case has its own specifics and one can not talk about some ineffective work without knowing it.

"Any case has its own specifics and without knowing the specifics you simply can not about ineffective work. The regulatory agency is an organizer of the system that reviews such errors. This is a professional development council, the chair of which I am and I am responsible for that, "said David Sergeenko.