25 January 2022,   18:12
15-day imprisonment or fine - City Court will consider the case of "Girchy" members

15 days of imprisonment or fine - The court will consider the case of "Girchy" members accused of resistance to police and petty hooliganism.

Members of the "Girchy" yesterday protested against the arrest of one person by law enforcers who too him for a drug test.

MIA representative has been informing the court about his position for an hour and a half already. According to the representative of the MIA, they had operative information that a group of persons might have had drugs. According to the representatives of the office, "Girchy" members hindered this work.

The members of "Girchy" say that the detainees did not have drugs. In response to them, the MIA states that the operational information may have been false and but the law enforcers should not be hindered in doing their work.
Today the court will hear the detainees and the leader of "Girchy" Zurab Japaridze. The police accuse them of hooliganism and resistance to the police.