30 November 2021,   04:54
Scheme of drug dealers - brother of one of the police officers involved

Law enforcers have detained 23-year-old Giorgi Gogebashvili and his girlfriend, Nino Gegelashvili for drug dealing.

According to the MIA, the defendants were using the Internet to sell the packaged drugs. The apartment, which they had rented, was a repository of drugs prepared for sale. According to the law enforcers, this drug sold by the interne twas distributed from this apartment .

Today it is known that the accused Giorgi Gogebashvili is the brother of Iakob Gogebashvili, a senior official of Vake-Saburtalo police.

The owner of the apartment tells the Courier that the accused Gogebashvili misled him. He told me that he would live with his grandmother, wife and younger son. For the sake of greater confidence, he made me deliver a baby bed.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the detainees were being under surveillance for two months. The law enforcers studied the scheme on how to drugs were sold online.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the accused left the drugs in secret places in different districts and public places of Tbilisi. The police released the footage of several such places.