19 January 2022,   09:24
62 wounds inflicted by a sharp object - neighbors found a 33-year-old woman wounded in a lift

The attack on a 33-year-old woman who suffered 62 wounds - the incident happened when Izolda Abashidze was visiting her parents.She was attacked in the lift of the residential building by a man armed with a sharp object who inflicted to her multiple wounds . Izolda Abashidze is still battling with death at Batumi hospital.

The crime committed with a special brutality does not have an eyewitness. Neighbors and family members found Izolda Abashidze only after the lift door opened. The attacker was also in the lift cab, but he told his neighbors that his wife was injured and asked people to help him. Then the armed man used the chaotic situation and ran away.

The motive of the attack is unknown. Investigation into the incident started with the attempt of intentional murder.