13 June 2021,   21:47
"I swear before God, I will not volate even administrative law" - Tskhovelashvili"s appeal to the judge

"I swear before God that in the next period I will not violate any law and conduct even the administrative offense," said Lado Sadgobelashvili, the organizer of the Georgian March at the City Court.

By the decision of Vakhtang Mrelashvili, judge of the City Court released five members of the Georgian Marsh in the courtroom in exchange for 5 thousand GEL bail and left members in preliminary custody.

Judge left Giorgi Oniani in detention who after the meeting ended threatened that he would cut his veins and asked the judge to release him.

Lado Sadgobelashvili, one of the leaders of "Georgian March" said that they were illegally detained and as he said the fight continues. They hope that the court will release two persons detained at the next trial.

Lado Sadgobelashvili, Beka Revazishvili, Mikheil Amisulashvili, Irakli Dolenjashvili and Olegi Dangadze were released on the basis of 5 000 GEL bail by the decision of the City Court.

Only two persons, Giorgi Oniani and Luka Natsvlishvili remain in preliminary custody.

The lawyers of the accused applied to the City Court. The lawyers requested replacement of preliminary detention with a bail.

They were detained for the attack at Giorgi Gabunia at "Rustavi2".