04 December 2021,   17:44
Robbery in Guria - Jewish businessman and his wife are brutally beaten

The house of a Jewish businessman was robbed in the village of Laituri in Guria. The culprits whose names have not been identified have brutally beaten the businessman and his wife. The criminals were armed with agricultural inventory, axes, iron and a hammer.

The criminals broke into the house of Igor Askarov at about 12:00 midnightr. At that time his wife Leila Lominadze and several neighbors were still in the house, but the criminals did not beat the neighbors, they were just tied up to the chairs.

The Israeli businessman has invested several millions in the village of Laituri. Askarov says that this is not the first case of attack on him and declares mistrust to the investigation.

The culprits took away the gold jewelry from the house and 20 GEL.