07 August 2020,   08:57
New details on attempted murder case - Courier reveals identity of those, who attacked Irakli Nozadze

Two women participating in the attempted murder of one of the musicians from the band " Kuchis Bichebi" are identified. One of them is 29-year-old Tamta Janjgava.

Remains unknown if the suspects in wounding Irakli Nozadze have been detained. The singer was wounded with cold weapon in his heart. : Courier" found the house of Tamta Janjgava.

Tamta Janjghava was born in 1989. She lived in one of the districts of Tbilisi with a man and two children. Neighbors do not have a positive attitude towards her. They say that the law enforcement officers were present at her house yesterday, but it is unknown whether the search was conducted.