17 May 2022,   11:58
I am sure that our candidate is the person who can defeat the "Georgian Dream" - Zaal Udumashvili speaks about Grigol Vashadze

The United Opposition will make the first general political announcement today and present their presidential candidate. According to Courier, Grigol Vashadze will fight on behalf of 10 political parties in the presidential elections.

"The fight is in unity!" - The members of the United Opposition around this slogan say that the fight against "Georgian Dream" is the only way to change the power.

Giorgi Vashadze, chairman of the political platform "New Georgia" draws attention to the professionalism and correct views of Grigol Vashadze and says that he will have public support.

"I think that all the sympathy will be towards this person, his experience, professionalism, knowledge and, most importantly, how he sees the role of the president in the process of development of the country," said Vashadze.