20 October 2021,   01:45
Laura Smith was raped and a 4-year-old child shot dead - "Courier" gained conclusion of expertise on a brutal murder in Khada Gorge

The brutal murders in the Khada gorge - Courier managed to obtain the conclusion of the National Forensics Bureau.

This is a document that has found that the accused has committed a sexual relationship with Laura Smith.

The conclusion is scandalous and says that 4-year-old Kelly Smith was killed with a shotgun and his skull is fragmented.

Experts had to study fragments The conclusion reads that the child"s genetic material was found on a hunting gun.

Attorney of the accused in the murder of three members of the Smiths family says he does not know the expertise conclusion yet. According to David Girgvliani, the documents were handed over to him recently.

The attorney of Malkhaz Kobauri accused of murdering denies the sexual relationship with a murdered woman.