28 January 2022,   00:50
Today is the World Hepatitis Day

On this day, the Ministry of Health started a new campaign to combat H hepatitis - STOP C, which implies informing the population about the disease.

The new campaign was opened by the Minister of Health and the Prime Minister of the country.

At today"s event, he talked about the Elimination of Hepatitis C program and the results achieved.

I would like to tell you that about one third of our population has already undergone screening for hepatitis C virus. About 50,000 people are involved in the treatment process. I would like to note that in 2020 when we complete the effective implementation of this strategy, Georgia can become the first country to successfully cope with viral disease in terms of its elimination and complete eradication. It will be a unique success and hope for other nations, "Bakhtadze said.
The Prime Minister thanked the Ministry of Health, patients and doctors involved in the program.