27 January 2022,   23:58
"As long as Bidzina Ivanishvili rules the country, the currency fluctuations will be permanent" - opposition responds to the impairment of Lari with record speed

The opposition responds to the impairment of the Lari with record speed. Opposition criticizes the government and calls on the government to take effective steps.

Member of the Political Council of the "United National Movement" Zurab Melikishvili notes that the depreciation of the Lari is caused by the mistakes of the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank.

"Mistaken steps of the NBG, the mistakes of the finance ministries, these are all together devaluates lari. In particular, the percentage of refinancing that was decreased , a billion dollars that the Finance Ministry has given to the banks, they have already started to spend a huge amount of money from the budget before elections thinking that they will win someone"s heart, in fact, these things will be returned to the Georgian population as a very heavy burden, "- said Melikishvili.

Zurab Chiaberashvili, member of the parliamentary fraction "European Georgia - Regions", offers the solution to the government. According to the representative of the opposition party, it is important that the government reduces taxes.

"As long as Bidzina Ivanishvili rules the country, the fluctuations will be constant and this will certainly reflect on our low economic growth, on increased prices in the country , unemployment and poverty. The way out of this situation, which vanishvili"s government does not want to understand is to decrease taxes, especially the old excise tax on fuel, "- Zurab Chiaberashvili said.

The cost of lari fell by almost 7 points in two days. In the foreign currency booths, one dollar is worth 2.56 GEL.

The dollar rate is even higher the in the commercial banks. The cost of one dollar reaches 2.62 GEL in commercial banks.