25 January 2022,   05:04
Constitutional Court will start consideration on merits of the lawsuit filed by Giorgi Mamaladze`s lawyers

The Constitutional Court will begin consideration on merits of the lawsuit of Giorgi Mamaladze"s lawyers in the nearest future. The authors of the claim are demanding recognition of the article of the Code of Criminal Procedure and a number of norms as non-constitutional provisions.

According to them, the norm on non-disclosure obligation is unconstitutional and must be abolished. Attorneys also want to make sessions public.

The attorneys have suggested that the Constitutional Court should begin consideration on merits in autumn.

"We had a lot of complaints, but the main fundamental issues are related to the non-disclosure institution and the obligation that the lawyers and convicts should not talk about the case if an investigator or prosecutor requests it.In our opinion, this institution is unconstitutional, as well as imposing criminal liability for violation of this obligation, "- Giorgi Chitidze, Coordinator of Human Rights Program of the Open Society Georgia Foundation said.