27 January 2022,   23:50
Mikheil Janelidze"s cousin and brother of deputy chairperson of Kutaisi City Council - High Commissioner who fired a miliary person is not detained

The family of the prosecutor who participated in bloodguilt in Tskhaltubo makes the first comments. Givi Shengelia"s brother, who is a Deputy Chairman of the Kutaisi City Council does not speak about details of confrontation and waits for the investigation to end.

The law enforcement officers of the prosecutor"s office, who participated in the bloody confrontation in Tskaltubo, have not yet been detained.

" All I know is an information released by the Chief Prosecutor"s Office of Georgia. I express my full confidence in the investigation and expect the results," said Irakli Shengelia, The Deputy Chairman of Kutaisi City Council.

The confrontation between the high officials of the Prosecutor"s Office and the Ministry of Defense took place on August 24. In the incident, the employee of the Prosecutor"s Office shot a military high official at his house. According to " Courier" Givi Shengelia is a close relative of former foreign minister Mikhail Janelidze.

Givi Shengelia"s wife confirms that Givi Shengelia is Mikheil Janelidze"s cousin, but Natia Bakuradze says that Janelidze never helped her husband.