26 January 2022,   09:10
There is a very alarming situation - Giorgi Vashadze talks about violations revealed by this time

Giorgi Vashadze, head of the United Opposition"s election headquarter talked at the briefing about the violations revealed . Vashadze says that the situation in comparison to the first round is hard in almost every region.

According to Vashadze, the preliminary signed protocol was found in Gurjaani polling station# 8 in the morning.

According to Giorgi Vashadze, alarming situation is also in Gurjaani municipality.

"Very alarming situation is in the Gurjaani district, where the police and local self-governments are conducting physical assault. Ana Ruadze, our representative, was detained in the village of Jandari in Gurjaani, because in all precincts 21, 26, 27, we have a system that people are forced to open the voting paper to show which candidate they have circled , "Vashadze said.

Giorgi Vashadze says that the chairman of commission has expelled the international observer from the district N 29 in Didube.

"Because the foreign observer has reported agitation on the territory of the precinct, he is now expelled from the polling station," Vashadze said.

In Nadzaladevi, according to Giorgi Vashadze, coordinators of "Georgian Dream" have desk lists with photos which is a violation of the law.