09 July 2020,   12:15
Staff cleaning in Zestaponi self-governing body - mayor resigns, his deputy has already resigned

After Kutaisi, staff cleaning started in Zestaponi self-governing body.The mayor of the municipality Kakhaber Makhatadze plans to leave the post in the nearest future. The official reason is his disagreement with the new group of ruling  party. Unofficially Makhatadze has problems in law enforcement agencies.
Yesterday the Deputy Mayor resigned from Kakhaber Makhatadze"s team.
"He has incompatibility with law enforcement agencies. With his tricks he wants to cover some things as if he has incompatible with the team and something like that happened. Nothing like this happened, "said Giorgi Goglichidze, former candidate of the Zestaponi Mayor.
Problems of Makhatadze with law enforcement agencies are not confirmed in the "Georgian Dream". The Zestaphoni Sakrebulo members say they have verified their information at the Prosecutor"s Office and it was confirmed that Zestaponi mayor has no problems with law enforcement agencies.
According to the head of the Zestafoni administration, Mayor`s team will resign in the nearest future.