21 October 2020,   23:25
Azerbaijan border guards blocked the road to Davit Gareji desert monastery - exclusive footage of " Courier"

All the way to the David Gareji desert monastery has been occupied by Azeri border guards for the fourth day. No one is allowed to approach the place where unique murals and christian sacred items are preserved . The road  is also closed  for  the clergy.

"Courier" shot exclusive footage in the morning. The video footage shows that Azeri border guards are arranging a new path to the Easter Cathedral. The new road goes from the controlled territory of Azerbaijan to the Georgian cathedral.A part of the cave monastery complex was controlled by Azerbaijani border guards today. The appearance of "Rustavi 2" irritated the border guards.Dozens of Georgian pilgrims and foreign tourists visit the monastery complex every day. Up to now, they managed to enter the desert monastery without any problems.
Tourists who arrived from Europe to see the unique monument of Georgian architecture from Holland were stopped by Azeri border guards on their way and turned back.There are several Georgian border guards at Davit Gareji, near the Monastery.