25 June 2022,   11:59
It was a shock ... it does not fit in the frames and still needs to be understood - President of World Publishers Association talks about failed meeting

The President of the World Association of Publishers was not met by the Education Minister and even his deputies. José Borgino, President of World Association of Publishers, commented on this fact.
According to him, he is astonished by the Ministry"s attitude. José Borgino says he was contacted by the Ministry of Education and offered a meeting without representatives of the Publishers Association of Georgia, which he did not agree with.
"As for today"s meeting, this was actually a shock, because before I knew about hospitality and openness of Georgians. What happened today does not fit the frame and still needs to be understood. They called us from the Ministry and asked us to meet them later, but they gave us a strange condition that the Publishers Association of Georgia could not attend this meeting, we refused and we are not going to meet in such a format. If they get together with their Georgian colleagues, we are ready to meet, "José Borginho said.