23 October 2020,   13:25
Journalists are leaving “Liberal” magazine

Journalists are leaving “Liberal” magazine. According to the journalists" statement, on June 7, 2019, three editors and journalists of “Liberal” have sent a statement to Shorena Shaverdashvili, the owner and general director of media outlet, saying that they were leaving the magazine after 30 calendar days.

The staff noted in the magazine that they had to work in "Liberal" until July 7, but upon the request of the owner, they were leaving the editorial office the next day.

“We are people who have been working in “Liberal” since 2013. We were doing the work which we believed in and served the independent, ethical, qualified journalism. We did not want to see the Liberal"s sustainable development questionable in the future and we wanted to be the guarantor of its development because we are well aware of the importance and role of independent media.

Taking into consideration these circumstances, we addressed Shorena Shaverdashvili on behalf of the "Liberal" staff to create a precedent and handed “Liberal” over to us or to sell it to the journalists (for the acceptable price).

The owner refused our offer, claiming that she did not want positioning [the editorial policy] of the magazine. She promised the staff changes, the appointment of a new manager and establishment of a new editorial view.

Since we are well aware of differences between the company owner and us in connection with the editorial and managing issues, taking into consideration the changes, offered by her, we consider that the possibility of our staying in “Liberal” has expired.,” the statement reads.


The “Liberal” staff thanks their partners, friends, international or local organizations, donors and readers for devotion and trust. They say that they see their future “only in the service of an independent media.” 

The statement is signed by the following journalists : Zura Vardiashvili, Lika Zakashvili, Davit Gamisonia, Tatia Khaliani, Natia Amiranashvili, Salome Gorgodze, Kristine Mujiri, Alexandre Kemelashvili, Basti Mgaloblishvili, Nino Kalatozishvili and Natia Ormotsadze.