14 August 2022,   05:26
Multinational military exercise "Agile Spirit 2019" starts

Multinational military exercise"Agile Spirit 2019" has started. The multinational military exercise was opened in Senaki on the base of the II Infantry Brigade. The multinational military exercise"Agile Spirit 2019" will be held in Georgia from July 27 to August 9. The exercise will be held in three locations - Senaki, II Infantry Brigade, Orpholo, and Vaziani. More than 3000 NATO personnel and partner countries will participate in the exercises.
14 countries are involved in this year"s military exercise. The purpose of this year"s training is to increase interoperability between participating countries, enhance operational capacities during the planning and executing operations in multinational environments.
In addition, management and control capabilities will be developed between alliance and partner countries. The goal of teaching is to contribute to maintaining a stable and secure environment in the Black Sea region.