14 August 2022,   05:01
In Moscow, police detained up to 320 activists, including journalists

The Russian government does not give the opposition the possibility to hold a large-scale anti-government protest rally. The Moscow Police is detaining protesters in the streets. According to human rights defenders, people who resist the police are being beaten by law enforcers.
According to the media, the number of detainees has already reached 320. Among them are the opposition candidates who were not allowed by the election commission to run in Moscow City Council elections.
Law enforcers also detain those journalists and cameramen who are working on the ground and cover the process of detention.
Putin"s Prosecutor"s Office warned the opposition leaders not to urge citizens to participate in unauthorized rallies, otherwise, they threatened with arrest. The calls for rallying in social networks have not stopped. On this background, the arrests of opposition leaders and search of their houses and offices is going on.