28 January 2021,   08:12
I"m sure a decent partner will be find in the project - Natia Turnava responds to Meridian Capital"s decision

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development responds to the decision of Meridian Capital. Natia Turnava hopes that the project will find a worthy partner for its implementation.

"It is a strategic project and the State has made a lot of commitments to make the project even more attractive and less risky for investors. I am sure that Anaklia project will find a worthy partner. Implementation of the project is not in danger”, - said the Minister.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure said in a statement that Meridian Capital NL B.V submitted a written appeal to the Ministry on October 28, saying it was unable to participate in the Anaklia Port project as an investor and asking the Georgian government to suspend all ongoing procedures regarding the approval of Meridian Capital NL B.V.