21 October 2020,   01:06
National Bank of Georgia sets new GEL rate

According to a new exchange rate set by the National Bank of Georgia on January 23, the official value of 1 USD is 2.8895 GEL. The current rate was GEL 2.8877. As a result of today’s trading, the dollar exchange rate against the national currency amounted to GEL 0.0018.

The value of 1 Euro is 3.2045 GEL, while the current rate is 3.2077 GEL. The change compared to the Euro is GEL 0.0032.

The value of 1 pound sterling is 3.7748 lari, while the current rate is 3.7676 GEL. The change amounted to GEL 0.0072.

The official value of 1 Turkish Lira is 0.4868 GEL. The current rate was 0.4876 GEL. The change with respect to Lira was GEL 0.0008.