19 October 2021,   12:27
The GEL strengthened against the USD by 5 tetri - the new exchange rate of the National Bank

Following the currency exchange rate set by the National Bank of Georgia, 1 USD equals 2.9841 GEL.

On June 3, it cost was 3.0416 GEL. It means the GEL has gained value against the dollar by 0,0575 points.

One EUR equals 3.3422 GEL, previously it was 3.4087 GEL, i.e., the GEL has gained value against the EUR by 0,0665 points.

The new price of the British pound sterling is 3.7394, the British currency strengthened by 0.0900.

The Turkish lira costs 0.4413 GEL, the GEL strengthened by 0.0087 against the lira.