22 September 2020,   05:25
George Soros says Trump is a conman who will do “anything” to stay in power

Billionaire George Soros has warned that President Donald Trump will do “anything” to stay in power and avoid being held accountable, in an interview marking his 90th birthday.

Soros told Italy’s La Repubblica in an interview that Trump remains dangerous - even though the president is trailing challenger Joe Biden in national polls.

Soros lauded the American democratic system and Constitution, which he said remain robust despite political polarization, economic crisis and social unrest. “The United States is one of the longest-lasting democracies in history. But even in the U.S., a confidence trickster like Trump can be elected president and undermine democracy from within. But in the U.S. you have a great tradition of checks and balances and established rules. And above all you have the Constitution. So I am confident that Trump will turn out to be a transitory phenomenon, hopefully ending in November.

Trump remains very dangerous, he’s fighting for his life and he will do anything to stay in power, because he has violated the Constitution in many different ways and if he loses the presidency he will be held accountable”, - said Soros to La Repubblica.