21 May 2022,   22:30
Emmanuel Macron criticizes the UN Security Council

The French president has criticized the UN Security Council in its current form. As Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with Grand Continent, the Security Council is “not making any useful decisions” at this time.

“I have to say that the UN Security Council no longer produces useful solutions today; we all have our responsibility to bear when some, such as the WHO, find themselves hostages of the crises of multilateralism.

We need to reinvent useful forms of cooperation – coalitions of projects and players – and we need to modernize our structures and create a level playing field for everyone. In order to do that, we also need to reconsider the terms of the relationship: I believe the second way forward is a strong and political Europe. Why? Because I do not believe that Europe waters down France’s voice: France has its outlook, its history, its view of international affairs, but it builds much more useful and stronger action when it does so through Europe. I even think that this is the only way to impress our values, our common voice, to prevent the Chinese-American duopoly, the dislocation, the return of hostile regional powers. That is what we managed to do to uphold the Paris Climate Agreement: it was really Europe that structured the agenda to keep China with us after President Trump’s decision. It is what we did in the fight against terrorism in line with the Christchurch Call to Action – by cooperating with New Zealand, but it is really a European action that we launched right here a year and a half ago”, - says Macron.