26 January 2021,   07:40
We should extend an invitation to Georgia to immediately join NATO - General Ben Hodges

The former commander of the United States army in Europe, General Ben Hodges, published an open letter in the EUobserver, in which he speaks about Nagorno-Karabakh and also says that NATO should immediately send an invitation to Georgia to join the alliance.

“Professional diplomats have worked hard in the Minsk Group to resolve the conflict since 1993, but the governments of the US and France, together with the rest of Europe, were ‘missing in action’ in recent weeks. The people in and around Nagorno-Karabakh are now paying the price.

The South Caucasus has been long-neglected by most in the West. Let’s build new, stronger relationships with Armenia and Azerbaijan, reinforce our long-standing alliance with Turkey, and strengthen our presence in Georgia, to include infrastructure there for the US air force and navy. We should also extend an invitation to Georgia to immediately join NATO. These measures will convey to the Kremlin that this region is of strategic interest to us”, – wrote Ben Hodges.