23 January 2022,   13:45
Georgia ranks first in the world in terms of freedom from corruption in business relations - Trade Matrix

Trace International has released new indicators about the risk of corruption in business. The organization assessed the risk of business corruption in 194 countries. They used a 100-point system where 100 points indicate a high and 0 points - low risk of corruption.

Based on the Trace International Index of Freedom from Corruption Risk, Georgia has improved its rating and is ranked 28th in the world and in the top 20 in Europe. The index shows that Georgia ranks 6th among 50 countries in Asia.

Notably, based on such a significant sub-component as "Freedom from Corruption in relations with Government" Georgia ranked first in the world and received the highest assessment.

Georgia is ahead of 14 EU countries in terms of freedom from corruption risk: Italy, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Croatia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Spain.