23 April 2021,   08:28
More than USD 30 million needed for Capitol repairs and new security after assault, officials say

Cleaning up broken glass, doors and graffiti and securing the U.S. Capitol after the January 6 attack will cost more than USD 30 million, Capitol staff told lawmakers.

“Statues, murals, historic benches and original shutters all suffered varying degrees of damage, primarily from pepper spray accretions and residue from chemical irritants and fire extinguishers” - Architect of the Capitol J. Brett Blanton said at a House Appropriations Committee Hearing, according to his prepared testimony. “This damage to our precious artwork and statues will require expert cleaning and conservation”.

House Lawmakers have already approved USD 30 million to address the expenses described by Blanton, whose office is responsible for the operations and care of the group of buildings that make up the Capitol complex, as well as to fund the perimeter fencing that has been constructed around the Capitol.