20 June 2021,   07:07
Netanyahu says attacks on Gaza to continue

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he has ordered the Israeli army to continue airstrikes on Gaza as long as it is necessary.

According to Netanyahu’s office, he decided after an assessment session with Defense Minister Benny Gantz, the Army Chief Aviv Kochavi, and the heads of the national security council, the Shin Bet (Israel"s internal security service), the Mossad (Israel’s intelligence service).

“The directive is to continue to strike at terrorist targets. The IDF [Israeli defense forces] is doing well. Today, it eliminated another senior Islamic Jihad commander”, - Netanyahu said while referring to the Islamic Jihad prominent military commander Husam Abu Harbeed who was assassinated earlier this day.

“We will continue to act as necessary to restore peace and security to all residents of Israel”, - the statement quoted Netanyahu as saying.