19 January 2022,   08:04
France has reduced the speed limit for vehicles in Paris to 30 km/h

France has achieved the national maximum speed of 30 km/h from today, August 30. The new rules apply to almost every street in Paris. Violations of this rule can be very expensive for vehicle owners, as authorities have been instructed to impose a fine of at least EUR 90.

As of Monday, motorcycle drivers and drivers need to slow down to travel the French capital. However, there are exceptions to certain sections of Paris, such as the Marshall and the Champs Elysees, where the speed limit remains at 50 km/h.

This decision was made to reduce accidents and make Paris more pedestrian friendly. Before the new regulations came into effect, Paris already had about 60% of the roads and vehicle speeds were limited to 30 km/h. Studies show that the average speed of vehicles on some of the busiest streets in Paris currently does not exceed 16 km/h.