28 October 2021,   03:20
Foreign Affairs Minister of Ukraine accuses UN of defending individual states interests

Foreign Affairs Minister of Ukraine accused the United Nations of protecting the interests of individual states that violate international law by failing to participate in the Crimean Platform summit.

“This organization ignored the Crimean Platform summit and was not represented at it. It happened for purely political reasons. We will talk to the organization"s leadership about the inadmissibility of such an attitude, because the key task of the UN is to maintain peace and security”, - said Dmytro Kuleba.

He added that the UN misunderstands its mission in the world.

“When we see the participation of organizations such as the Council of Europe, NATO, GUAM in the Crimean Platform summit, and the UN deliberately ignores this measure, it tells us about the state of affairs in the organization itself, its understanding of its role and missions in the world”, - said the Minister.

According to him, the Ukrainian side will work to change this understanding.