28 November 2022,   21:26
U.S. officials discussed Ukrainian president leaving capital if Russia attacks

Biden administration officials have discussed plans with the Ukrainian government for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to leave Kyiv in the event of a Russian invasion, according to two people familiar with the discussions, writes NBC NEWS.

Under a plan that’s been discussed, Zelenskyy would relocate to Lviv in western Ukraine, about 50 miles from the Polish border, the people familiar with the discussions said.

Separately, President Joe Biden and Zelenskyy spoke by phone on Monday, a White House official confirmed.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council declined to comment when asked about discussions between U.S. and Ukrainian officials about plans for Zelenskyy if Russia invades.

A spokesperson for Zelenskyy said the Ukrainian leader and Biden have not discussed his possible departure from Kyiv and relocation to Lviv. The spokesperson was unaware if those discussions have been had among lower-level officials in the U.S. and Ukrainian governments.