25 September 2022,   10:10
US will provide “additional security assistance” to Ukraine, Pentagon says

The US is “going to provide additional security assistance” to Ukraine, but “how it will be done is still being worked out,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said, writes CNN.

“We’re very actively engaged in those efforts, to help them better defend themselves through both lethal and non-lethal assistance”, Kirby said during a press briefing at the Pentagon.

He added that he hasn’t detailed every shipment of aid to Ukraine that the US has made because of the security situation.

“I have not been detailing for any of you each and every package, each and every shipment, because I think you can understand and it’s particularly relevant now that Ukraine is involved in a no-kidding invasion of their country, that we wouldn’t want to put it out there in the public space everything that they’re getting from the United States”, - Kirby said.