28 November 2022,   22:59
Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the world from the Italian Parliament

President of Ukraine called on parliamentarians and the people of Italy to support a complete embargo for Russia, including oil.

“The people of Italy! You know the Ukrainians well. Our people, who never wanted to fight, who are as European as you are. You know those who brought war to Ukraine. You clearly know those who order to fight and those who propagate this. Almost all of them use Italy as a holiday destination. So don"t be a killer resort. Freeze all their properties, accounts, yachts. Freeze the assets of everyone who has influence - let them use them for peace. Support sanctions against Russia, a complete embargo on trade, starting with oil”, - said Volodymyr Zelensky.

He also called on Italians to support a ban on Russian ships from entering Italian ports, as well as the imposition of sanctions against Russian banks.

“For them to feel the cost of their aggression. There should be no exceptions from the sanctions regime for any of the Russian banks. Help us stop the killings and save Ukrainian families. This war must be stopped as soon as possible, peace should be returned and enemy troops removed from Ukraine, it is necessary to carry out demining and rebuild the country. Together with you, together with Italy, together with all of Europe, together in the EU.

We thank you for the aid to the Ukrainians. In Italy the first child has been born to a mother who was forced to flee from a war provoked by a single person. Dozens of (Ukrainian) children are in your hospitals and we are grateful. You have shared our pain from the first day, helping the Ukrainians with your warmth and your strength”, - said Zelensky.