05 July 2022,   01:11
G7 foreign ministers meet in Germany

Foreign ministers from the G7 gathered in Germany to begin 3 days of talks on a number of issues with a strong emphasis on problems arising from Russia’s February invasion of and ongoing war with Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock welcomed her counterparts from Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and US, as well as guest attendees from Moldova and Ukraine.

She said Ukraine’s grain exports provide “food for millions of people around the world and which is needed particularly urgently in African countries and the Middle East”.

“That’s why we are discussing how the grain blockade exerted by Russia can be unblocked, how we can get the grain out to the world. The issue had compounded food insecurity brought on by climate change, which is also on the agenda”, - said Baerbock.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba is also attending the meeting.

“We see a positive, positive dynamic. We have to make sure that this positive dynamic is maintained”, - said Kuleba. He expressed hope that Ukraine’s application to start the process of joining the EU would be swiftly approved. Typically, this process would take years or more often decades to complete.

Nicu Popescu, foreign minister of tiny neighboring Moldova is also in attendance as his country has been on the front lines of the war taking in refugees amid growing concern that it may be the next country that Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to invade.

The foreign minister of Indonesia, which currently holds the rotating chair of the G20 group of industrialized nations, is also scheduled to virtually attend meetings Friday, when those gathered in Germany discuss the issue of relations with China.