24 March 2023,   06:10
MoneyTo launches money transfers to Georgia with pick up in lari

The London-based remittance operator MoneyTO has expanded the range of services for clients sending money to Georgia. If earlier recipients of money transfer were given only dollars or euros, now they can also receive lari.
To send money to Georgia from the UK, all you need to do is to visit the https://www.moneyto.co.uk  site or enter the MoneyTO mobile app at any convenient time.

Remittances could be sent from Visa and MasterCard. The sender transfers GBP and the recipient picks up GEL, that enables to avoid double conversion. As the commission for remittances to Georgia with MoneyTO is 0%, the offer becomes one of the most profitable on the market for clients.

Remittances in Georgia can be received at 745 payout locations, including Bank of Georgia, TBC Bank, Liberty Bank, and Credo Bank. Recipients can also credit the money transfer to the card or account on their own using the mobile application of their bank.

“Georgia is one of the most important destinations for us. Carefully studying the needs of the clients, we found out that many people in Georgia want to pick up money transfers in the national currency. We are glad that we could fulfill their wish and help them to save, thanks to 0% commission and the absence of double conversion”, comments Galina Selicka, CEO of MoneyTO.

Transfers from abroad make up a significant share of Georgia"s GDP. According to the World Bank, this figure has fluctuated between 16% and 19% in recent years.
The statistics of the National Bank of Georgia show that in May 2022, the country received $505.7 million, which is 169.4% more than in the same period of the previous year. The interest in money transfer services from the UK to Georgia is also growing. The volume of transactions in this direction in May 2022 increased by 48.63% compared to May 2021.

“Not only do I regularly send money to parents living in Georgia, but I also try to make it convenient for my parents to receive it. It’s great that they can just go to the bank on the way to a store or a pharmacy, and get a transfer immediately in lari – and not worry about currency exchange,” says Giorgi Kamladze, a shop assistant from Plymouth.

“My husband works in the UK and I live in Georgia with our three children. Previously I was receiving transfers in dollars and losing money on a double conversion. Now, when I pick up lari, I see that with MoneyTO the payout amount is more,” says Nutsa Gaprindashvili from Batumi.

The MoneyTO mobile app can be downloaded for free in the AppStore and Google Play.

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