27 January 2023,   02:00
Georgian citizen Giorgi Jarmelishvili, who was illegally detained by occupation forces, is free

Giorgi Jarmelishvili, who was illegally detained in the vicinity of the village of Zemo Artsevi occupied by the Russian occupation forces a few days ago, is free.

According to the State Security Service, upon receiving the information about the illegal detention a few days ago, the hotline was immediately activated and all mechanisms at the disposal of the central Government were activated.

“The information was communicated to the co-chairs of the Geneva International Discussions and our international partners. Responsibility for all destructive actions carried out in the occupied regions of Georgia and along the occupation line rests with the occupying power.

The central government, together with international partners, continues to work actively to release all citizens of Georgia who are illegally detained in the occupied territories”, - reads the statement of the SSSG.