27 January 2023,   02:15
Storms in Brazil - 23 of the 26 states have been given orange alert

As a result of storms recorded in several places across Brazil in recent weeks, at least 8.6 thousand people have been forced to leave their homes. The figure includes data released in five states. According to updated stats from the national meteorological authority Inmet, more rain is expected to come until Monday (Dec. 5) and alerts have been issued for most of the country.

On the coast of the three states in the South—Paraná, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul—areas have been given red alert, which means they face risk of serious incidents such as landslides and major flooding. The rainfall forecast for these locations may exceed 60 millimeters per hour or 100 millimeters per day, Agencia Brasil reports.

The data also show that 23 of the 26 states have been given orange alert, when there is risk of power cuts, falling tree branches, flooding, and electric discharges.