08 June 2023,   06:23
Kelly Degnan opens American Shelf in Akhalkalaki

The US Ambassador in Georgia opens American Shelf in Akhalkalaki, in the public school #3.

“We are so pleased to be back in Akhalkalaki to open our American Shelf here at Public School Number Three. This is the 17th American Space we have opened throughout Georgia. It’s a place where students and members of the community can come and read books, learn English, exchange ideas, maybe develop ideas on businesses, and learn a little bit about America.

It’s a place where people can come together in their communities. We are very pleased to have partners like Public School Number Three, including director, Tamar, Layla, and Teresa, all who sought us out to have a shelf here and have been wonderful partners as we’ve set it up. So, today was a great day to come back to Akhalkalaki - it’s my third time here - and talk a little bit more with the students and open our new American Shelf”, - said Kelly Degnan.