26 September 2023,   07:27
10th day of nationwide demonstrations in France - 240 rallies planned throughout the country

Protesters on the tracks at a Paris rail station. Smoke bombs let off at Biarritz airport, writes CNN.

“Anger at French President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reforms showed no sign of letting up on Tuesday as the nation prepared for a 10th day of nationwide demonstrations.

Sweeping protests have paralyzed major services across the country in recent weeks over Macron’s proposal to raise the retirement age for most workers from 62 to 64, in a move that as riled opposition lawmakers and trade unions.

Up to 900,000 protesters were expected to join 240 rallies planned throughout France on Tuesday, with 100,000 protesters anticipated to fill the streets of the capital alone, according to CNN affiliate BFM. Demonstators had started to fill the streets of Paris early in the afternoon.

Videos on social media verified by CNN showed smoke bombs being let off by protesters outside the entrance of Biarritz Airport, and the boarding area of the terminal, before an evacuation announcement sounded over the speakers. Further north, protesters walked on the train tracks at Paris’ Gare de Lyon railway station, according to CNN affiliate BFM”, - writes the author.