12 August 2020,   10:40
Existence of nonpartisan president - Ruling party"s opinion differs from opinion of opposition and NGOs

Parliamentary majority speaks about importance of existence of a nonpartisan president at the public discussion of the amended project of Constitution in Batumi. According to the ruling party their goal while amending the rule on presidential elections is existence of nonpartisan president.

" In frameworks of direct elections existence of a nonpartisan president is ruled out. We know how election campaign is held everywhere, including Georgia. It is impossible to win a presidential elections without support of partisan structures d, at least a few million funding. The principle of the nonpartisan president directly contradicts direct elections , "said the Chairman of the Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze.

Opposition disagrees with the ruling party"s opinion . They think that the president should be elected by people.

"According to the new version, the parties name presidential candidate and the representatives of the parties elect the president. Which is nonpartisan president- president named and elected by people or named and elected by politicians,"- said irakli Abesadze, member of European Georgia.

The civil sector also believes that the model proposed by the ruling team is not overly competitive.