02 December 2020,   13:54
Arguing in Zugdidi during public discussion of constitutional amendments

The general public discussion in Zugdidi were the cause of the arguing in the hall . Civil activists and representatives of the opposition parties have repeatedly challenged the members of the City Council who have taken seats in the hall.

The chairman of Zugdidi Sakrebulo asserted that the seats in the hall were allocated for guests and could not be occupied by others. The civilian activists criticized the majority because Zugdidi hall was filled with representatives of local self-governments and budgetary organizations.

The attempts by the activists of the Georgian Dream to hinder the possibility of asking questioning was another reason for the confrontation in the hall today.

Courier went to Zugdidi streets today and interviewed locals. The information about the fact that the constitutional discussion was held in Zugdidi, most of them had from media coverage. Their comments on constitutional amendments differed greatly from the position voiced in the hall.

The parliamentary opposition demands more openness from the ruling party on universal public debates.

The discussion on the draft constitutional amendments will end in Tbilisi on Monday.