24 November 2020,   13:49
Partskhaladze-Tordia mutual accusations - former prosecutor not interrogated yet

Members of Investigative Group left Lasha Tordia`s house after 5- hour -long interrogation. Tordia says he does not trust the investigation, however, despite that he answered all the questions asked.

When the investigation will get interested in Otar Partskhaladze`s version is unknown. Four days have passed since the incident, however, law enforcers are in no hurry to interrogate the former chief prosecutor, and explain that by the investigation tactics.

Partskhaladze`s lawyers said at the press conference that Otar Partskhaladze did not beat Lasha Tordia. The employees of El Centro can hardly remember the details of the incident in the conversation with Courier. However, the attorneys represented the full picture of the incident based on their testimony.

Partskhaladze`s lawyers argue that provocation came from Lasha Tordia`s side and they mention the political interest of the general auditor.

Partskhaladze`s version of the incident is absurd for the victim. Lasha Tordia says that the former Chief Prosecutor and his lawyers want to blame him for the incident.