12 August 2020,   14:15
Preparation for the second round of universal public discussions - ruling team announces preventive measures

The ruling team is preparing for the second round of public discussions on constitutional amendments. The details of the meetings are unknown yet, however, the members of the Georgian Dream talk about the necessity of taking preventive measures.

The second stage of universal discussion is explained by the Parliament`s speaker by the high interest of the society. Discussion of the most scandalous topics of the constitutional amendments will also be discussed with thematic groups. Irakli Kobakhidze does not yet specify what amendment can be introduced in the country`s main law draft.

According to the regions in Tbilisi, 10 meetings will be held in the format of universal discussion. Concrete results are not expected from holding additional meetings by the European Georgia.

Alliance of Patriots calls upon the government to give in and change the amendments linked to the undistributed mandates. National Movement assesses the discussions as a political show.

NGOs addressed citizens today and called for attendance at the meeting. Discussion of constitutional amendments is planned at different universities. The Chairman of the Parliament intends to discuss the project with political parties.